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Square Foot Costs
Work up a FREE square foot costs for residential homes in seconds, based on materials, and construction style. Used by banks and appraisers nationwide.



Construction Forms. Ever need a form or contract in a hurry? Here are some of the most used construction forms and contracts from four of Craftsman's best-selling books. These forms are available for FREE download in both PDF and RTF. Click here to view and download.


Template estimates. Customers who have called in to request template estimates will be happy to know that Craftsman now is offering FREE template estimates. Click here to view and download.
The templates available are few. Help us extend the selection by uploading a few of your own National Estimator estimates, no names needed and receive a FREE Craftsman T-Shirt.
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You can now download Craftsman's 2014 Construction Resources Handbook for Professional Builders at

The Construction Resources Handbook for Professional Builders is filled with new products that can help you make a better living in the construction industry.

This 2014 Construction Reference catalog has over 150 professional construction references.

To download the Craftsman Catalog as an Adobe PDF Click here.

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New Titles in the 2014 Catalog

Home Building Mistakes & Fixes $52.50

2014 CD Estimator $108.50

Estimating Excavation Revised eBook $21.75


The Blue Book Network Guide to Construction Costs 2014 $49.95

Concrete Construction, $28.75


Drywall Revised & Updated $21.95


The Visual Handbook of Building and Remodeling, $29.95

Towards a Zero Energy Home, $24.95





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