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Airsled is the worldwide leader in design, production and sales of low-pressure air film products used for moving heavy or difficult loads. Our products easily float loads on a micro-thin cushion of air.

We are pleased you are here to explore our site. You will find useful information about our products and our custom engineering.

Go to Who We Are to learn more about us.

Under Airsled Products you will see a product description with a view of our Products and Applications. You will also be informed about our Custom Design capability and see some of our Custom Applications. You can read about how Airsleds save time and money in our Benefits section. We included Testimonials so you can get an idea what companies are saying about us.

The How To Use section will demonstrate Airsleds in use with some tips and answers to frequently asked questions.

In our Support Center you will find parts and repair details along with warranty information.

Go to Contact Us to request literature, locate our distributors, send E-mail to various departments or request a return phone call for pricing and order placement.

You can be kept informed about offers for special sales and news updates when they are available.

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