The AWS™ Pedestal System is an interlocking pedestal support used to level pavers and other natural products appropriate for elevated foot traffic  as applied to a pitched deck or roofing membrane.  It turns difficult slopes into level surfaces and allows utilities and drains to be run under the pavers, natural stone, or other manufactured products, transforming to usable spaces those which might otherwise not be.  Water can move freely to allow for the health and long life of a roofing membrane. 

Units of the AWS™ Pedestal System with a smooth, flanged, bottom cap can be used applied directly to a roofing membrane using the bottom cap with or without a bottom shim (1/16” or 1/8”).  All pieces of the AWS™ Pedestal System are ABS and benignly designed to be membrane friendly.

The AWS™ Pedestal System has been compression tested to withstand loads of 14,250 lbs PSI (at 2”), 13,650 lbs PSI (at 6”), and 12,550 lbs PSI (at 15”) when used with an SDR35, Schedule 3034 PVC pipe central component 4" OD.

The AWS™ Pedestal System is compatible with applications of built up waterproof membrane, and single ply membranes, rubberized asphalt (with protection or insulation board as a barrier), also the new PVC “breathable” membrane.  Bituminous waterproofing membranes are subject to softening at high temperatures, and a protection board or AWS™ Pedestal System's "Buffer Pad" (1/16" x 7" diameter) is here recommended.

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