Digital Canal- Solid Builder, Bid Builder & Plan Builder

Simply the most powerful design package created by contractors for contractors. Features include true 3D modeling, framing, complex roof generation, working drawings and much more. Reduce jobsite waste. Increase productivity of your crew. Eliminate design mistakes before you build. The bottom line - increase your profits.

This professional estimating tool has an easy Excel-like interface but contains the power of a database. Extremely easy to learn, it comes pre-configured with a database of 13,000 items & 100 assemblies. The database contains material, labor, etc. pricing and is easily expanded & customized. Contains direct accounting & project management links.

Plan Services
Save time & money! Get electronic files for future modifications and save more money. Tired of the “feast or famine” of too much staff for the work or vice versa? By outsourcing your plans to Digital Canal, these problems go away. When you're swamped, we're there when you need us and if business is slow, you're not paying us to sit around.

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