Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. provides fully integrated, timesaving solutions for certified payroll reporting, AIA billing, and wage management for contractors using QuickBooks.  Our products leverage 50+ years of QuickBooks, bookkeeping, accounting, software development, and construction experience; to provide you with real-world solutions to help you work smarter....not harder.
  • Certified Payroll Solution generates certified payroll reports; statements of compliance, "No Work Performed" payrolls, 6 EEOC Reports, and Union or bona-fide plan benefit reports.
  • Construction Application for Payment Solution generates AIA billings using original AIA G-702/703 forms (or similar plain paper versions), G-702/703 CMa versions, and 30+ standard contract documents.
  • Wage Manager Solution allows you to quickly and easily modify, add, or remove multiple payroll items with rates of pay for multiple employees at once.

Our products and proven QuickBooks advanced job costing methodologies, provided in our manuals, help contractors achieve their business goals by providing full-featured, high-end functionality at a reasonable cost, with excellent customer service that:

  • Provides time-savings through seamless integration with QuickBooks
  • Simplifies critical areas of your business
  • Makes your job more efficient, fast & easy
  • Reduces, if not totally eliminates the possibility of errors
  • Prepares accurate professional looking documents in a short amount of time
  • Allows you to concentrate on your business by providing automated solutions to previously time-consuming tasks
  • Have been specifically designed to integrate with QuickBooks; since QuickBooks Pro 99

For more information please contact us at (802) 895-4929.




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